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Good morning from across the pond! I wanted to get in touch with someone from the Penkhull Uke band to send a thank-you note, on behalf of the kiddos in my Mini Maestros program... The kids were working on instrument research activities, and when they were looking up info on the ukulele they ended up on your web page (at www.penkhullukuleleband.com/links.asp) It turned out to be a GREAT find... they were able to get so much info from the sites on there and enjoyed learning all about the ukulele.. They thought that we needed to reach out to say thanks - so here we are LOL thank you!


And we also picked out another educational music page to share with you, to pay back the favor...

"Music Glossary for Kids" -- www.theaterseatstore.com/blog/musical-glossary-kids


It's a fun glossary of music terms (we had used it to make flash cards) and the kids thought you'd want to add it to your webpage they found for other kids or music students who find it...Hopefully you can use it. They'd be so proud to see their suggestion and I could show them this weekend:)


Anyway thank you folks again and happy strumming!! LOL



Rachel Agreste


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